It’s a bizarre sensation to have someone enter your home, without warning, and tell you that you’ve been served with a lawsuit. It happens to everyone, but how do you react? Some people are paralyzed by fear and panic, others are not. Some people decide to go the legal route and defend themselves, while others choose to just roll over and accept their fate.

What a long strange trip it’s been! Over the last five years the world has changed in so many ways. For example, I grew up in a small pond town in the midwest where smoking weed would get you jumped by your own side. Now, I’m a marijuana merchant living in Vancouver, where anyone can openly smoke in public. State laws are a big deal, so everyone has to act like they know what they’re talking about.

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Carol Bartz, the former CEO of Autodesk and Yahoo, was all over the headlines a few weeks ago when Caliva, a seed-to-sale cannabis business, revealed she was part of a group that had invested $75 million in the company, alongside NFL great Joe Montana — seen here discussing cannabis and football.

Surprisingly, the 70-year-old computer industry legend was quite upfront about her cannabis usage, revealing that she prefers THC, the psychoactive component present in cannabis that causes people to feel “high,” as well as the highly popular, non-psychoactive CBD.

“I do consider myself a progressive, kind of experimental, person,” Bartz told me during a recent conversation, as she discussed her first experience with medical cannabis, which she described as “crazy good.”

Bartz holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and programmed her first computer in 1968. Her pals were perplexed as to why she was devoting so much time to something that didn’t contribute to her degree.

Despite her friends’ doubts, Bartz persisted. She recalls the first time she completed a program with vivid clarity. “Wow! At the moment, she thought to herself, “This is going to alter everyone’s life!”

But be careful: being progressive does not imply being dumb. Bartz’s energy was dwindling. She told a tale to demonstrate her progressive viewpoint.

It occurred while she was working at Sun Microsystems around 35 years ago. One of her coworkers mentioned a beer business with a fantastic formula that was about to outsource manufacturing to Bartz’s home state of Minnesota, and asked if she wanted to invest. “It turns out Pete’s Wicked Ale was behind Sam Adams, the second-largest craft brewer in the United States…. I earned a lot of cash.

“Here’s another example, similar to what I’m seeing in Caliva… It’s unique, and it has a fantastic team,” she said.

Extrapolating Technology’s Lessons

Bartz has decades of expertise developing and investing in creative companies, as readers can see. I wondered whether she had learnt anything relevant to the cannabis business today from her early programming days in the late 1960s.

Bartz replied with one of her own phrases:

Fail. Let’s go on.

This implies that you can’t be scared to fail if you want to go ahead. If you fail, try to figure it out as quickly as possible, and then take a half-step forward and keep going. People who are too regimented and scared to attempt something new and fail may struggle in this atmosphere. You’ve got to have some ‘cojones,’ you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and try.”

“If you don’t attempt, you certainly won’t do it,” she said, laughing again, displaying her typical wit and good humor.

‘Fail. ‘Skip forward.’

Bartz’s concept of “Fail. Fast Forward.” has me captivated. What sort of advise could she provide after failing so many times and flashing forward?

“Just when you believe you’ve completed all that has to be done – bang! Something else emerges. Take a look at what’s going on with the cancer cure and some highly specialized targeted medications… I believe the same thing will happen in the cannabis industry, where there will be not just different strains and potencies, but different [molecular] combinations that do different things for the body,” she said, calling for cannabis to be re-scheduled – and its federally illegal status changed – so that it can be properly studied and tested.

So, here’s the real advice:

Keep an open mind. Often, this involves being open-minded not just about where the product could go, but also about the kind of people you’ll need at the moment. For example, you may need more agrotechnology [expertise] in the beginning than extraction technology [expertise]… Companies may become stuck in a rut, and it’s up to them to come up with fresh ideas. Take, for example, Apple: Apple has been stuck in a rut for a long time, and it just wasn’t an exciting business. Then a new leader arrives and… blows everything up.

So, the takeaway here is that you must be flexible, changeable, and intelligent enough to make some difficult choices.

The legalization of cannabis has been an enormous social shift in the last few years. California has been the epicenter of cannabis investment, with major players forming, and a new industry emerging. This burgeoning industry is creating new jobs and new investment opportunities for people all over the world. But the most profound and exciting changes have been in the way that people are thinking about pot. As the decriminalization of cannabis gains momentum, people are becoming more open to talking about it, and sharing more of their experiences.. Read more about cahonas meaning and let us know what you think.

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