Women are consuming more cannabis than ever to combat symptoms of endometriosis and other chronic pain. More women in America own a home, car and credit card these days which also signifies an increased interest toward cannabis product not just for recreation or the essentials but as part of their everyday lives.

Women are consuming more cannabis every year. In Minnesota, medical marijanas laws have been passed to allow for the sale of medical marijuana in dispensaries and at pharmacies. Read more in detail here: minnesota medical marijuanas laws.



A trend toward more diversity is shifting the needle on what and who is deemed “normal” in every area of culture and society. This is as true in the world of cannabis use as it is in any other, with women overtaking the stereotypes of surfer guy stoners and glazed and confused couch potatoes as the fastest-growing group of cannabis consumers.

Manufacturers are paying careful attention to what these women want and how to effectively reach them via smart branding, excellent customer service, product design, and a positive shopping experience. Women are not only driving cannabis sales, but they are also changing their consumer behavior in ways that are forcing the industry to be more creative and inventive in fulfilling their needs, according to Akerna (NASDAQ: KERN), a cannabis technology firm.

What they are purchasing 

“Since 2019, ladies have gradually grown their proportion of sales, a total of 3.2 percent,” according to Akerna’s study. While this may seem to be a small amount, it represents a substantial shift given the huge number of cannabis users – over 15 million have bought thus far in 2021.” Their market share, which was 35 percent in 2019, has increased to 38.2 percent and is still rising.

Furthermore, concentrates have surpassed edibles in popularity among younger women for the first time, a shift ascribed to less stigma and greater consumer knowledge. Previously, edibles were ranked third among female product preferences, with concentrates coming in fourth. However, this has changed since 2020, with 10.2 percent of women preferring concentrates to 8.9 percent who prefer edibles.

Flower remains the most popular product among female customers, with 44% putting it first, but the industry is keeping a careful eye on this as new product developments spark new allegiances.

According to Akerna’s findings, 27.53 percent of female users are under the age of 30 and 29.40 percent are between the ages of 30 and 40, with both groups choosing flower, cartridges, and concentrates in that order. Infused edibles and “Other” came in fourth and fifth position in both age groups. Cartridges outnumber concentrates by 20 percent or more among these women, with consumables being around half as common as concentrates. Edibles nevertheless won out over concentrates for 13.6 percent of female buyers in the 50-60 age group and 10.33 percent of those aged 60 and above. Edibles had the greatest showing in the oldest age (60+ women), with 18.39 percent choosing edibles to just 5.31 percent favoring concentrates. 

The tendency of younger users gravitating for concentrates while seniors stick to edibles is also evident in the male demographic, but it isn’t receiving as much attention from the business as the increase of female consumers. Although males still account for 61.8 percent of cannabis purchases, according to Akerna’s mid-year study, women are steadily narrowing the gap and pushing the sector to step up its game in order to compete for their business.

Women are consuming more cannabis every year. The “minnesota dispensary prices” is a state-by-state breakdown of marijuana prices.

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