Without a doubt, legalized cannabis has become a huge trend. It’s no secret that cannabis is a big deal. It’s a big deal in the United States of America, it’s a big deal in Canada, and it’s a big deal in Uruguay. Canada has been launching cannabis legalization campaigns for decades. Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis nationally in 2013. It wasn’t until July 2017 that they became the first country to legalize cannabis sales. What’s going on in these countries?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in eight Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana – that is, one in eight people. That number is projected to rise to one in eight Americans by the year 2020. Of those, an estimated 17 percent will have tried marijuana in the past month, and over half of those will have tried it at least once. But if you’re wondering how much of a role cannabis will play in the rest of the country’s future, you’re not alone.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented and alarming impact on all businesses and industries worldwide. Cannabis and distillery businesses have not been spared, and it is anticipated that the condition of these businesses will need to be aligned with the surrounding area after COVID-19.

It is interesting to note that one of the most important things to take into account is the priority that people will give to the two substances. Will cannabis be consumed more often than alcohol or vice versa? How will the cannabis trade position itself in relation to the alcohol trade? We’ll see about that!

California factor

A week after the WHO declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a global pandemic, the state of California announced the closure of facilities across the country. Following California’s lead, the state of Illinois has now issued a similar order.

In both states, marijuana businesses and operators are classified as essential services, along with supermarkets, dispensaries and liquor stores. These stores were opened while other stores were closed.

Other states soon followed California and Illinois’ lead and declared marijuana operations big business. This accelerated the procedure for obtaining these necessary indications in the first weeks of the pandemic. This unbridled demand for marijuana has been a progressive moment in the marijuana industry that has also led to the creation of new legal marijuana markets in the states.

These new markets are expected to generate billions of dollars in marijuana trade, positioning the market and the industry for future expansion. Labeling marijuana Essential puts cannabis in the same category as pharmacies, hospitals and other legal drugs.

Cannabis has evolved from an alternative treatment to a mainstream medicine, greatly increasing its credibility. That’s why states put marijuana on the same level as alcohol. Since both substances were at similar levels during the pandemic, marijuana trade is expected to remain important in the post-COVID 19 era.

Inevitable selection according to COVID

During a pandemic, people tend to pay more attention to things that are deemed important. This means that cannabis enthusiasts are not deprived of access to their favorite substances. When prohibition was lifted and people were vaccinated, the marijuana industry continued to grow exponentially, which is more than can be said for the alcohol market.

Of course there were those who liked alcohol, but they thought marijuana was marginal to the pandemic. It remains illegal at the federal level. But the pandemic has so changed this reality that people have begun to see the value of marijuana, especially for their health.

On the other hand, alcohol, although an excellent recreational substance, was generally considered a threat because most people wanted to get rid of anything that might affect their body organs. As we all know, alcohol increases the risk of damaging our organs with every sip we take.

It was reiterated that after COVID-19, people need to rethink what they are using, and if alcohol doesn’t work, the focus will quickly shift to marijuana. The focus here is on medical marijuana, which has a positive effect on the human body.

Cannabis as main activity

The classification of cannabis as a life-saving drug during the pandemic destigmatized the drug among users. For example, regulatory agencies in many states have called for business-friendly security measures, such as. B. Home delivery and curbside pickup.

In the post-COVID 19 era, this practice will continue, meaning that more people will have access to cannabis than in the pre-pandemic era. State health officials have also given doctors the green light to write medical marijuana prescriptions (via online appointment). This has made it easier for patients to obtain medical records and marijuana treatments.

These factors led states where marijuana is legal nationwide to record sales in 2020. This gives the marijuana industry reason to be optimistic that the market, which is much larger than that of alcoholic beverages, will develop after the introduction of COSID-19.

Why people prefer cannabis to alcohol

Since the pandemic in the United States, the number of new users in dispensaries has increased as more and more people want to learn about marijuana. This growing diversity among consumers is largely continuing and people are integrating cannabis into their wellness habits.

The main message during the pandemic was simple: Keep your immune system strong enough to resist the virus. Excessive drinking contradicts this message and has led people to look for solutions. The Harris survey was commissioned by Curaleafa, a retailer of cannabis products in 23 states.

Some interesting statistics emerged from this survey. The first is that besides new users, also former cannabis users have increased their use.

During the pandemic, more parents preferred cannabis to alcohol, and this trend continued after the pandemic:

These facts reaffirm that cannabis is gaining popularity among alcoholic beverages, which is a big boost for the marijuana industry.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, reluctance to use cannabis existed in some states. But California and Illinois have declared it a necessary service in the event of a pandemic.

Medical marijuana is starting to gain more and more importance: Doctors were allowed to recommend it if needed. This rampant spread of cannabis in the states during the pandemic continues after COPID-19, resulting in a preference for cannabis over alcoholic beverages.

In the end, people will always opt for the more positively acting substance, even for recreational purposes. Cannabis is experiencing record sales since 2020. That’s why we have an answer to the question of whether the cannabis industry is the first choice over alcohol!

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