There are many people who have been raised in a cannabis culture that have a negative bias towards marijuana use in sports. We often see this bias in the mainstream media, where athletes who use cannabis are typically labeled as drug users, and are openly derided for doing so. The media doesn’t have an issue with athletes using other drugs, which is a bit surprising. For example, the Olympics is said to be the “biggest drug-testing event in the world”, and yet we don’t see stories of athletes getting kicked out for smoking marijuana. It’s as if the drug testing events don’t apply to athletes, as if marijuana is somehow more acceptable for use in sports than other drugs.

In 2016, marijuana was and will always be illegal, and it’s still more difficult to partake at the Olympics than to be a professional athlete. Despite the low-level marijuana policy of the International Olympic Committee, athletes are still required to prove they are not impaired when they compete.

As a few athletes have already shown, it isn’t too hard to use marijuana to improve your performance. As long as you’re not a pro athlete in a drug test, it doesn’t hurt to use marijuana. But pro athletes are still required to make the same choices drug-free that the rest of us are; namely, not to use drugs that could hurt their performance. But it isn’t just about using marijuana, it’s also about failing a drug test. Athletes depend on their ability to perform at peak level, and any substance that can mask the effects of the drug tests that they aren’t allowed to use, even if they are allowed to use it, can have a negative effect on performance. So, it is important to understand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is marijuana not allowed in Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned marijuana use in the Olympics since 1968.

Do the Olympics allow marijuana?

No, the Olympics do not allow marijuana.

What drugs do the Olympics test for?

The Olympics test for a variety of drugs, including stimulants, narcotics, and performance-enhancing substances.

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