Marijuana is a plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years. The most popular ways to consume marijuana are through smoking, vaporizing, and ingesting it in food or drink. Today, there are many health benefits associated with marijuana use.

Smoking tobacco is not the healthiest way to consume marijuana. There are many different ways that you can smoke marijuana, and each method has its own benefits.



Because there are so many varied viewpoints on the ideal method to ingest marijuana, it may be difficult for the ordinary individual to know what to do. Some individuals think that smoking marijuana is the best choice, while others say that eating marijuana is a superior alternative. There may seem to be no correct answer with so many views, but if you’re having trouble selecting a product or gadget that will meet your requirements, it’s better to seek assistance at a cannabis shop where professionals will answer all of your concerns. For example, The Joint, a Canadian cannabis retailer, offers educated employees that will help with you to select the finest product for your needs and answer any concerns you may have regarding cannabis usage. There are two The Joint locations in Saskatoon, as well as many others across the country, that provide both medical and recreational services.

Because of its medicinal qualities, cannabis has been utilized to help patients manage symptoms such as pain and a variety of others. There are so many different methods to ingest marijuana that only one question remains: which technique will provide the greatest results? If you’re searching for solutions, this blog will lay out all of your greatest choices as well as some things to think about before making a selection.

Vaporizer for dry herbs

Vaporizers for dry herbs are a battery-powered inhalation device that has become more popular in recent years. Incredible vape supplies, like those offered at Cold Turkey St James, are readily accessible and handy, making cannabis users’ lives easier in every way. Vaporizers are small, portable, and very useful. You have the option of adjusting your temperature based on the effects you wish to achieve. The chamber, battery, mouthpiece, and LED screen are the essential components of a dry vaporizer. In comparison to other inhalation techniques like as joints, the tiny chamber means you need less dried herb. The primary benefit of this device is that it is a healthier alternative to conventional smoking. This is due to the fact that dry herb vaporizers create vapor rather than smoke, and the herb is heated rather than burned during combustion.


The term “bubbler” refers to a tiny water pipe used to smoke dry cannabis blossoms. This gadget is similar to a bong in that it filters smoke via water filtration. Bubblers are often tiny and can be handled with one hand, making them very portable and convenient to store. A bubbler hits like a dry pipe, but with the addition of a carb that develops and releases smoke. Because of the low heat temperature and absence of smoke, this is a technique to consider if you want to eat healthily. Your lung health will begin to deteriorate with extended use, so continue with caution. Within minutes, you will feel the benefits.

Joints and bongs

Two of the most common marijuana ingestion techniques are bongs and joints. A bong is a water filtration equipment, while a joint is a dry herb and rolling paper-based inhalation ingestion technique. Because the dried cannabis must be burned, both techniques utilize combustion; but, a bong contains water, which filters the smoke for a smoother effect. Bongs and joints, however, are not the best methods to ingest cannabis since they both create smoke, which is harmful to your lungs. You may expect to experience results very immediately if you eat this manner. Bongs, on the other hand, are a little healthier than joints since the smoke isn’t as harsh.


Edibles refer to any marijuana-infused food or beverage. When you eat an edible, the cannabis enters your system via your digestive system and liver, giving you a considerably stronger high that lasts far longer than any other form of ingestion. To be precise, 12 hours. Because edibles have such a high THC concentration, you should use care and limit how many treats you take each session. Because of the way edibles are prepared, you’ll have to wait up to 2 hours to feel any effects. This is one of the healthiest ways of intake.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are another kind of water filtration device, comparable to a bong but with a more complex construction and the usage of wax rather than dried herbs. Dab rigs also create vapor rather of smoke, giving you a stronger high and more taste since you can regulate the temperature. Because of the vapor, dabbing is considerably healthier, and you may expect to experience benefits in as little as 2 minutes.

Cannabis is a very popular drug, and there are many ways to consume it. One of the most popular methods is through using cannabis edibles. However, this can be a very slow process, and also not as effective as other methods. Reference: alternative to edibles.

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