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A recent study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal found that men who used marijuana recreationally had fewer sperm, compared to men who never used it. The study of 100 men between the ages of 18 and 37, showed that marijuana users discharged between 28 and 36 million sperm per milliliter, compared to between 50 and 67 million per milliliter for men who didn’t use marijuana. These results were similar to a previous report showing that men who used marijuana recreationally had lower sperm concentration, motility and normal morphology, compared to non-users.

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Researchers in the United States admit that the study findings are not conclusive, but they do provide some advice on whether or not males should use cannabis while attempting to establish a family.

The researchers point out that cannabis use is prevalent among males seeking a fertility assessment, and that it “may have a negative impact on semen quality, especially morphology and volume.”

From July 2017 to April 2018, 409 patients at one institution completed a questionnaire to see whether marijuana use affects semen parameters. Researchers next performed semen analysis (SA) on the men who had come in for an infertility assessment, taking into account variables including volume, concentration, and motility.

43% of the males in the study admitted to smoking cannabis either now or in the past. THC “can influence spermatogenesis and fertility by altering signaling pathways inside spermatozoa,” according to the researchers.

Current or former cannabis users “had a substantially greater probability of aberrant sperm strict morphology” than those who abstain, according to a study published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology.

Indeed, just 33.1 percent of never-users had this anomaly, compared to 50.7 percent of current users and 53.4 percent of former users.

According to IFL Science, the research authors speculated that “a delayed detrimental impact of marijuana on sperm morphology” may be to blame for previous users having more of this feature.

According to the findings, sperm volume was also lower than the World Health Organization (WHO) standard value.

Despite this, cannabis usage did not seem to have a detrimental impact on motility. According to the research abstract, “Sperm motility was more likely to be less than WHO standard values among never-users than present and past-users.”

That was the case for 38.3% of never-users, compared to 21.1 percent of present users and 27.2 percent of previous users.

The researchers conclude that “large, prospective investigations of both semen quality and fertility in this increasing, at-risk group are warranted.”

To far, there has been a wide range of studies on weed’s effect on sperm quality. According to IFL Science, a Danish study showed that frequent cannabis usage was linked to a 30% decrease in sperm count, whereas a US study found that marijuana users had a greater sperm count than never-users.


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