Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most exciting developments in cannabis in recent years. CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical extracted from the cannabis plant; it has shown to be an effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions. We have selected the top CBD oils available in the UK based on a number of factors including quality, effectiveness, cost and customer feedback.

You may have heard about cannabidiol (CBD) before, it’s a compound in the cannabis plant that has some pretty impressive medicinal properties. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD is the only one that can’t get you high, and it’s good for a lot more than just getting “stoned”. Its touted as a wonder drug for a variety of ailments, from helping with chronic pain to treating anxiety and other disorders. Some CBD oil is made from hemp, and some is made from marijuana. It has also been used to make oils but these oils have more to do with the THC than CBD.

There are numerous CBD products on the market, and it can be difficult to work out which ones are for you. At Reachweed, we have carefully handpicked the best CBD oils for each of the conditions mentioned below. These are all tested and certified by our team of expert researchers.

CBD is fast becoming the most popular health product in the UK. An estimated 1.3 million people now use it regularly. And 6 million people tried it for the first time last year. But with so many brands of CBD oil now available in the UK, it’s very difficult for beginners to know which one is best for them.

To help you decide, our team has compiled a list of the best CBD oils available in the UK. So, if you want to buy CBD oil, take a few minutes and look at this list first.

Why this list is the best:

  • First: It’s not paid for! None of the brands on our list of the best UK CBD oils have paid to be on it (unlike some other CBD lists you’ll find online).
  • It is based on real data. Handpicked is the leading CBD market in the UK. That way, we can see exactly what buyers of CBD oil are buying and using.
  • We are experts in CBD oil. Every day we are approached by new CBD brands all trying to get their products on Handpicked CBD. This gives us the opportunity to test a wide range of CBD oils! It also means that our team has become pretty good at discerning the good, the bad and the ugly.

Based in London, Love Hemp has established itself as a leader in the CBD industry in the UK.

Love Hemp CBD started small in 2015 and is now sold across the UK in stores such as Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury’s.

The Love Hemp team receives CBD from North America’s largest cannabis extraction company, whose cannabis is grown outdoors in sunny Colorado without the use of chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or genetically modified products.

Love Hemp also distinguishes itself through its own production process. Produces a wide range of products including CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD balm, CBD gum and even CBD chocolate!

In fact, Love Hemp’s production process is so good that many other CBD brands purchase their CBD oil from them!

CBD hemp oil has a broad spectrum of effects. This means that they contain a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Except that the THC is completely eliminated.

Love Hemp’s line of CBD oils starts at a very low concentration of 300 mg of CBD and goes up to 6,000 mg. The most popular product available at Handpicked is the CBD 1200mg oil.

Another great benefit of Love Hemp CBD oil is the wide selection of flavors. Each oil is available in peppermint, orange and wild cherry flavors. So you don’t have to worry about the nasty taste of CBD anymore!

Love’s hemp oils are by far the best we’ve tried (and we’ve tried many!).

Provacan is the flagship CBD brand of CiiTECH, a cannabis research company working with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (also known as the world leader in cannabis research and development).

So it’s no surprise that Provacan provides CBD oils of the highest quality.

Provacan CBD oil is sourced from certified organic hemp farms in Europe. CBD is extracted using a high-tech CO2 system. All production takes place in the EU in GMP compliant factories.

At Handpicked CBD, we sell Provacan CBD oil in three forms: 600mg (6%), 1200mg (12%), and a limited edition 2400mg (24%).

Provacan CBD Oil 600mg is an excellent starting oil with a low to medium potency for CBD beginners. Their high concentration CBD oil of 2400 mg is a good choice for people who need a high dose of CBD oil.

But our choice is Provacan 1200mg CBD oil. With a guaranteed minimum of 1200 mg of CBD in each 10 ml bottle.

Added to that: All Provacan CBD oils are full spectrum products. This means that they contain more than just CBD. Instead, they contain a full blend of active phytocannabinoids from cannabis, including CBDv, CBG and CBDa.

Yes, it is: Provacan guarantees a total cannabinoid content of 1,460 mg in each bottle of Provacan 12% CBD Oil. That’s 260 mg of extra cannabinoids added to the entourage effect.

CBD Brothers is a small, dedicated family business with a passion for the benefits of cannabis. They have been providing ethically grown full spectrum CBD oil since 2014. And they do it all from their headquarters in Guernsey.

Interestingly, CBD Brothers operates somewhat differently to the rest of the CBD market in the UK:

Instead of simply categorizing their CBD oil by strength, they have created CBD oil editions. Each series represents a variety and a cultivation method of the original plant.

Their Gold Edition CBD oil is doubly special because it is made in two stages. First, the full spectrum of cannabis compounds is extracted from the hybrid Cannabis Sativa plant with a predominant cannabis content. They are then combined with hand-pressed Cannabis Indica resin.

The resulting extract is then added to cannabis seed oil to produce an amazing full spectrum CBD oil, which is becoming increasingly popular at Handpicked and among CBD consumers in the UK.

Although we should add that all CBD Brothers CBD oils are top notch, so it’s very hard to pick a winner. And the company itself has great ethics to go with it.

Beliebis UK has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable CBD products. The founder of the Devon-based family business discovered the benefits of CBD oil after suffering a life-changing injury in 2018.

Beliebis, which at the time found the CBD market confusing and overpriced, was founded with the goal of improving the CBD experience for people.

The ethos is based on clarity, fairness and direct sourcing from the EU by UK farms. Beliebis promises to produce only the best CBD products, tested by third parties, always at a fair price.

All CBD products are incredibly popular on hand-picked CBD. Customers come back regularly for repeat orders.

Their CBD oils are broad spectrum, CO2 extractable, taste authentic, and are exceptionally easy and effective. We are especially pleased with the mini lab report that comes with each bottle – it’s great!

Beliebis UK CBD Oil is available in two CBD strengths, 5.4% and 10.8%, with a choice of small (10ml) and large (30ml) volumes for each.

Each 30 ml 10.8% CBD oil contains 3000 mg CBD and a number of other cannabinoids such as CBDA and CBDV. They are all blended with high-quality MCT oil.

And at €99.99, it’s a good price too!

Pure Sport CBD is the creation of two South African professional rugby players.

After years of playing rugby, both men used numerous artificial drugs such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories to help heal injuries and repair muscles. Unfortunately, the side effects of these artificial recovery solutions are starting to take their toll.

After seeing NFL and MMA stars talk about the benefits of CBD oil for physical recovery, they tried it out and were impressed with the positive effects. However, as professional athletes, they were wary of the risks of using CBD oil that contains THC.

Like this: They searched the world for THC-free CBD products. In the beginning it was only for personal use. But after meeting an impressive American grower and manufacturer, they decided to develop their own product. Ah, Pure Sport CBD is born.

Pure Sport CBD oils have a broad spectrum of activity and are batch tested under the Olympic Standards Supplement Certification (BSCG). This means that it is completely safe for athletes.

In fact, all Pure Sport CBD products undergo a rigorous testing protocol. During the process, two separate third-party companies test each batch to ensure the absence of THC.

Pure Sport CBD oil starts at 1000mg per 30ml bottle and goes up to 3000mg (10%). It is made from all-natural ingredients, contains MCT oil, and is non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo and vegan.

Added to that: Pure Sport has recently launched three new products containing CBD oil in its Wellness Club range to the UK market. (Boost, Clarity & Unwind). Each combines Pure Sports’ industry-leading CBD oil formula with powerful nootropics.

OTO is quickly becoming one of the best-selling brands in hand-picked CBD.

The quality of RTD’s CBD skin care products is second to none. And they have made another successful attempt by launching their CBD Sleep Drops oil. The formula is designed to maximize the sleep-inducing properties of CBD.

Founded in the UK, RTD was born out of a group of talented friends who were excited about the power of CBD. Since then they have created the beautiful and high quality CBD brand, whose products can be found in stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

OTO’s mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products that fit into their daily lives.

OTO’s CBD sleep oil drops contain 1500 mg of CBD. As well as an additional blend of botanical ingredients such as lavender and pea flour. They have all been chosen to soothe, relax and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

We love that the OTO CBD oil bottle delivers a precise and effective dose of 50mg CBD at the touch of a button. This makes dosing very easy.

OTO’s unique CBD oil also has a refreshing minty taste that makes it delicious and enjoyable to consume.

fourfivecbd is the second brand on our list of the best CBD oils in the UK, specialising in CBD products for the athletes among us.

Founded by international rugby stars George Crewis (England) and Dominic Day (Wales). The team at fourfivecbd have created a range of professional quality CBD oils, muscle massages, joint gels and capsules. Just take a look at fourfive’s Insta profile to see how many professional athletes are praising their CBD products.

They have 25 years of rugby experience and understand from the inside what it is like to live a life of intense physical training. George and Dom have a real respect for the human body and its limits.

Years of trauma led her to find a more natural and sustainable path to recovery. This led her to the CBI. And shortly thereafter, the fourfivecbd website was created.

Fun fact: Both George and Dom have played at the lock position in their rugby careers. Guess what the Lockes are wearing? Yes, four and five!

Fourfive’s flagship CBD oil is broad spectrum and contains 0% THC. It comes in spray form for easy dosing and is available in three concentrations:

  • Low: 500 mg CBD (1.6%)
  • Medium: 1000 mg CBD (3.3%)
  • High: 2000 mg CBD (6.6%)

But our favorite is their new Pro CBD oil with vitamin D.

It is BCSG certified, which makes it ideal for professionals who undergo drug testing as part of their job. It has a refreshing minty taste and combines 1000mg of CBD with 25ug / 1000iu (that’s 500% RDA!) vitamin D3 per 1ml serving.

Vitality CBD is one of the best known CBD brands in the UK. Their CBD oil and CBD skin care ranges are available in the UK in stores such as Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and Tesco.

Founded in 2018 in the UK, Vitality has risen to the top of the CBD industry with their extensive knowledge and dedication.

Vitality CBD oil is available in three flavors: 1200 mg, 2400 mg and 4800 mg CBD, all available in natural, berry or lemon (berry is our favorite!).

Fun fact: CBD Vitality 2400mg and 4800mg oils come with a dropper and an atomizer. This means that they can be used as drops under the tongue or as a spray. This is a great trick to help the buyer decide how they prefer to take the CBD!

Dragonfly CBD is one of the leading CBD manufacturers in Europe and was founded in 2016 by three friends in the UK.

Today they own more than 1,000 hectares of certified organic land in Bulgaria. All of their CBD is produced in a state-of-the-art extraction facility and in accordance with GMP requirements for production.

The Dragonfly CBD team is passionate about the science behind the production of CBD. They work at the forefront of the industry with leading professors and cannabinoid experts.

Dragonfly CBD controls the growth, harvest, and extraction of the cannabis used to make the oil, making it one of the few brands that owns the entire process from seed to shelf. This is a great advantage.

Dragonfly aims to raise the standard of CBD testing in Europe and the UK. All of their products are THC-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and certified organic.

As for Dragonfly’s line of CBD oils, they offer both narrow spectrum CBD oils and broad spectrum CBD oils.

Narrow spectrum CBD oil has a lighter taste and consistency, making it ideal for novice users. Dragonfly extracts its Narrow Gauge CBD oil from handcrafted Cannabis Sativa L. extract. Delivers CBD in filtered form, with reduced levels of all natural cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes.

Our favorite in the Dragonfly CBD oil line is the CBD + Vitamin D oil.

This gem combines 500 mg of super-distilled CBD with 500 micrograms of vitamin D. All of these elements contribute to the normal functioning of muscles, bones and the immune system.

Cannacares, based in London, UK, wants to establish a medical cannabis company.

Cannacares launched in 2019 with a mission to provide safe, high-quality CBD products to a vibrant community. Reasonable price.

Cannacares is best known for its CBD patches. But they also offer an impressive range of CBD oil products in the UK, each with a specific purpose:

Each of Cannacares’ CBD oils uses a CBD isolate from a leading US manufacturer. MCT oil is used as a carrier.



This concludes our list of the best UK CBD oils of 2021. We will update this list during 2021 to ensure it reflects our views and data.

So, if you want to buy CBD oil….

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 CBD oils in the UK for 2021:

  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Provacan CBD Oil
  • CBD Brothers Gold Edition CBD Oil
  • Belibis CBD Oil
  • Pure Sport CBD Oil
  • OTO CBD Oil Sleep Drops
  • CBD oil fourfivecbd
  • Vitality of CBI oil
  • Dragonfly CBD Oil
  • Cannacares CBD Oil

Since you can’t just go to the supermarket, go direct to the farm, and start sipping on CBD oil without taking some precautionary measures, we’re doing a thorough analysis of the top ten CBD oils available in the UK.. Read more about full spectrum cbd oil uk and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the strongest CBD oil I can buy UK?

The strongest CBD oil you can buy in the UK is called CBDPure.

What are the top 10 CBD companies?

The top 10 CBD companies are listed below. 1. Charlotte’s Web 2. CW Hemp 3. CBDistillery 4. CannaVestments, Inc. (CVSI) 5. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CURA) 6. HempMeds 7. HempWorx, Inc. (HWX) 8. iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (IAN) 9. Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 10. PhytoSphere Corporation (PSC)

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