Portland Fire & Rescue’s fire chief says he would consider firing an on-duty firefighter if the agency’s disciplinary system finds he was involved in a kidnapping. Chief Mike Myers gave a deposition Friday in a workers’ compensation case filed by a man who says he was abducted and robbed in 2011 by a firefighter, who was off-duty at the time. The case has not been settled. Myers said it would be a “horrible, heartbreaking decision” if the firefighter was fired, but he also acknowledged that he doesn’t run the fire department.

A Portland Police Bureau officer was placed on administrative leave after he was accused of kidnapping a man and taking him to a motel where he instructed him to call a marijuana dispensary, where he was asked to pay a $1,000 ransom for the man’s safe return.

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Over a few beers with his accused co-conspirator According to police, prosecutors, and state documents, an off-duty Portland fireman decided to “teach a lesson” to a guy who allegedly burglarized the marijuana shop he owned on Saturday night.

According to a probable cause statement, Douglas L. Bourland, 46, and Hong Dieu Lee, 42, went to downtown Portland to find the accused burglar. They found him outside Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where Lee pistol-whipped the guy and pushed him into Bourland’s black Range Rover.


Bourland, Lee, and co-defendant Edward Sherman Simmons, 24, then transported their abductee to a marijuana farm in Estacada, where they concealed him in a storage container, according to an affidavit submitted in court Monday by deputy district attorney Kate Molina.

Friends of the kidnapped guy witnessed him being pushed into the Range Rover outside the steakhouse and informed the victim’s father that his son had been stolen.

Meanwhile, an Uber driver reported seeing a guy pushed into a black Range Rover at gunpoint between Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway around 10:39 p.m. Saturday. According to the affidavit, the guy being pushed inside the SUV attempted unsuccessfully to brace himself against the door frame in order to prevent being shoved inside.

The Range Rover was followed by an Uber driver to South Harbor Drive. The SUV had no license plate, but the Uber driver snapped a picture of it and sent it over to authorities, according to Molina’s affidavit.


Friends of the abducted victim informed police that they had broken into the Oregon Hemp House a week before and stolen marijuana.


On Saturday night, police went to the marijuana dispensary at 6767 South Macadam Ave. An officer arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later and saw a black Range Rover that looked like the suspect car traveling a block north of the Oregon Hemp House and stopped it.

The alleged abduction victim was not inside the SUV, but officers discovered a pistol on the front passenger seat floorboard and blood on the inside of the rear driver’s side door, according to the affidavit.

According to Molina’s affidavit, the Uber driver and the victim’s companions acknowledged that the occupants of the stopped Range Rover were engaged in the kidnapping.

According to the complaint, police scoured Oregon Hemp House for the kidnapped guy but were unable to locate him.

According to the complaint, Lee told two Portland police investigators that Bourland had heard that a guy had just burglarized his company and taken marijuana.

According to the complaint, Lee and Bourland planned to teach the suspected burglary suspect a lesson while drinking on Saturday night. According to the affidavit, Bourland drove Lee to downtown with Simmons to locate the accused burglar.

According to Molina, Lee said that putting the victim in a storage container overnight at a marijuana farm in Estacada was his idea. According to the affidavit, the goal was to take him the following morning and then compel him to bring them to the marijuana he had stolen. While they were at the property in Estacada, Lee claimed he discharged his pistol once.

According to the complaint, Lee allegedly gave authorities the address of the farm where the victim was discovered.

According to the victim’s acquaintances, the victim had some kind of relationship to Simmons, whom he referred to as “40.” The victim ordered a steak for his buddy “40,” who arrived to the restaurant to pick it up, while they were at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The Range Rover drove up behind the group of friends as they were leaving the restaurant, and Simmons, or “40,” stopped them from intervening with the abduction and then got into the Range Rover himself, according to the pals.


The Oregon Hemp House on South Macadam Avenue was incorporated as a limited liability company in May 2020, according to state business documents, with Bourland identified as the proprietor.


Bourland faces three counts of first-degree kidnapping. He’s a 14-year veteran of Portland Fire & Rescue who most recently worked at a Southeast Portland fire station but was on leave from his job for unspecified reasons at the time of the alleged crime.


According to court documents, a lady who lives with him in Happy Valley and is also identified as an owner of the Hemp House paid 10%, or $75,000, of Bourland’s $750,000 bail on Monday. According to court documents, he is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday to be charged on the charges.


Three charges of first-degree abduction have been leveled against all three defendants. Second-degree assault and illegal use of a weapon are additional charges against Dieu Lee. Only Bourland had gotten out of prison as of Tuesday morning.


Bourland was identified as the president of a separate company named Fire Cannabis, Inc. in 2017, according to records.


According to court documents, the city of Portland brought Bourland to court in 2018 to attempt to recover approximately $12,800 in disability payments after the Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund denied a stress claim he had submitted.

A former Portland firefighter is facing kidnapping and other charges after allegedly kidnapping a man to teach him a lesson for burglarizing a marijuana dispensary, records revealed Thursday. David E. Smith, 50, of Gresham, was arrested Wednesday night after he allegedly drove a 50-year-old man to a Portland apartment complex, where he was held against his will for more than two days.. Read more about portland shooting and let us know what you think.

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