A new search engine has launched that will filter out jobs that don’t require drug tests for marijuana. The site is called CannabisJobs and it was created by a company called Green Bits, which has been in the cannabis industry since 2014.

The list of companies that don’t drug test 2020 is a list of companies that have job openings for cannabis-related positions.



Cannabis users looking for work may limit their search due to a new search engine that only lists jobs that do not need marijuana drug testing as a condition of employment. The online site Phynally, which was established in April by Philadelphia entrepreneur Damian Jorden, may spare job seekers the disappointment of discovering an amazing opportunity only to hear that they would be subjected to a pre-employment marijuana test before they apply.

This summer, Jorden, 35, told Philadelphia magazine, “We are the LinkedIn for cannabis consumers.” “We want to connect individuals with transparent companies that have moved away from outdated practices dating back to the War on Drugs — employers who understand that legalization is the way of the future.” Employers like as Citizens Bank and Maine Health are presently advertising opportunities for Phynally in the retail, financial, health care, and banking industries, as well as government employment with the City of Atlanta. Qualcomm, U.S. Bank, and Humana are among the other businesses offering job openings on the site. Jobs are available from coast to coast, with some postings even offering remote work options. Employers may publish a limited number of jobs for free or buy a $150 yearly package that includes unlimited postings.

Job seekers may post their resumes for free on the site, and Jorden claims that over 7,000 have done so since it launched. Users may search for open jobs by industry or region, and then apply using their uploaded résumé. Employers may also browse the résumé database for prospective applicants.

Making Cannabis Users’ Hiring Process More Transparent

“Phynally was born out of a desire for openness,” Jorden explains.

In a virtual interview, he says, “I realized that a lot of my friends, colleagues, and associates who used cannabis for a medical condition would essentially stop using their medicine to go through the interview process blindly, not knowing if the company they were interviewing for screened for cannabis or not.”

At the same time, he points out that many companies do not conduct drug tests on job applicants. Amazon, the country’s second-largest employer, said in June that it would no longer require cannabis drug testing for most of its job candidates, and urged its delivery partners to do the same. Many companies, especially those seeking highly educated individuals, are expected to follow the trend and soften their rules on cannabis usage by workers, according to Jorden.

“The primary reason for this is because 47 percent of college grads use marijuana,” Jordan explains. “This is the working class of today.”

However, the stigma associated with cannabis, as well as workplace taboos, create a barrier between cannabis users and progressive employers. The motivation for “creating a platform to connect two groups of individuals who have basically been conditioned to shun each other,” according to Jorden, was that barrier.


Phynally is currently raising funds for its first round of funding, with the goal of raising $2 million to expand the company’s platform. According to Jorden, the company also makes money by connecting patients with physicians who can issue medical marijuana prescriptions, and other such products are in the works. It’s all part of his aim, he says, to link great applicants who also happen to consume marijuana with businesses looking to hire them.

“Just because someone uses marijuana on the side does not imply they are unqualified for a job,” Jorden argues. “That’s why we’re here: to provide businesses with access to a brand-new pool of job searchers.”

The drug test friendly jobs is a new search engine feature that allows users to find jobs that don’t require drug tests for marijuana.

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