The New Hampshire legislature recently passed a bill, House Bill 89, that would allow the state to expand its medical marijuana program. The bill, which now goes to the governor for his signature, was sponsored by Republican State Representative Tim Smith of the 13th District in the southern part of the state. It would allow the state to license up to three additional medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill also enables doctors to prescribe certain medical conditions for which cannabis is legal.

New Hampshire has a medical marijuana program. It is fairly small, but is open to people with any debilitating condition. Under the current law, however, being a patient is a cumbersome process. Patients must have an article of equal or lesser value be put in their name, have a caregiver, and get a doctor to qualify them. The proposed bill, House Bill 89, would simplify the process by removing the caregiver requirement and allowing these patients to obtain a card without having to go through the steps above.

With the Presidential election over and a new President in office, it was only natural that NH would continue to push for marijuana reforms, especially ones that would benefit its citizens. Governor Maggie Hassan signed a new bill that will expand the medical cannabis program state-wide, allowing for more dispensaries to open. Despite now being in Democratic control, the bill still passed through the Republican-controlled state legislature. The new bill permitting an increased number of dispensaries will be very beneficial to patients suffering with serious chronic and terminal illnesses.. Read more about new york legalization 2020 bill and let us know what you think.

word-image-12899 New Hampshire will now expand the right to medicinal cannabis, thanks to the recently signed bill HB 89. This week, Republican Governor Chris Sununu signed the bill into law on the 21st. July. HB 89 as law. Under the new law, doctors may allow patients with moderate to severe insomnia to use medical cannabis. In addition to this welcome news, this will allow adult and pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorders to receive medical cannabis in certain cases. The signing of HB 89 is consistent with recently published evidence that autism spectrum disorders can be treated safely and affordably with cannabis. A recent study in Israel examined the safety and efficacy of cannabis and how the use of CBD-rich cannabis oil can help people with autism. The study involved 188 patients with autism spectrum disorders who were each administered 30% CBD and 1.5% THC. Patients were treated for six months and provided feedback on their experience. For example, of those who participated in the program, 90% reported that their symptoms had improved to some degree. B. Relief from anxiety, seizures and tantrums. About a third of those surveyed said that CBD would reduce their use of other medications. The authors conclude: Cannabis as a treatment for patients with autism spectrum disorders appears to be well tolerated, safe, and apparently effective in alleviating symptoms, primarily : Seizures, tics, depression, anxiety and tantrums. … We believe that double-blind, placebo-controlled studies are crucial to better understand the effects of cannabis on ASD patients. In addition, another study, also conducted in Israel, looked at how cannabis can help children with autism spectrum disorders, with the study stating that there is a lack of evidence in this area. This retrospective study evaluated the tolerability and efficacy of cannabinoids containing cannabidiol in 60 children with ASD and severe behavioral problems, the researchers wrote in their abstract. The researchers observed children about 11 years old with low functionality and tracked things like sleep disturbances, irritability and loss of appetite. Although one of the girls in the study experienced a psychotic episode possibly related to THC, 61% of the patients improved significantly after the study.

HB 89 et seq.

In addition to new legislation affecting medical patients, the governor also signed Bill 163 into law. This new law ensures that medical dispensary staff are properly instructed by health department personnel to provide documentation and information about the risks of cannabis use during pregnancy. Although studies have shown conflicting results about the impact of cannabis on pregnancy, New Hampshire doesn’t want to take any chances. I, VADM Surgeon General Jerome Adams, stress the importance of protecting our nation from the health risks of marijuana use during adolescence and pregnancy, the Surgeon General wrote in the bill. The recent expansion of access to marijuana and its potency, as well as misconceptions about its safety, are putting our most valuable resource at risk – our nation’s youth. It is not known whether marijuana use is safe during pregnancy or adolescence. Until we know more about the long-term effects, the safest choice for pregnant women and teens is to avoid using marijuana. The human brain continues to develop from birth to mid-twenties and is vulnerable to the effects of addictive substances. Pregnant women, teens and those who love them need information and resources to make healthy choices. It is very important to educate women and youth, as well as their families, school officials, local and state government officials, and health professionals about the risks of marijuana, especially as more and more states consider legalizing marijuana. New Hampshire is playing it safe when it comes to medical cannabis, but is also taking steps to make it available to more patients.New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has officially signed a bill, House Bill 89, to add medical cannabis to the state’s existing medicinal program. HB 89, also known as the “Medical Marijuana Access and Expedited Licensing Act,” lets doctors recommend the use of medical marijuana for chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. HB 89 also sets a timeline for the implementation of the program, although general election primaries will be held November 6 to determine candidates for the state’s top executive offices, including governor.. Read more about vermont recreational dispensary laws 2020 and let us know what you think.

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