Canex is a cruelty-free CBD cream that uses natural ingredients to eliminate pain. This review of the product will cover its effectiveness, side effects, and quality control.

Medterra Pain Relief CBD Cream: A Canex Review is a review of Medterra’s pain relief cream. It provides a detailed analysis of the product, including its ingredients and cost.

Medterra Pain Relief CBD Cream: A Canex Review

For a long time, CBD has been sweeping the wellness industry, and we enjoy it when we get to examine anything other than oils. Medterra provided us some CBD lotion to sample for pain treatment.

It’s a lotion that moisturizes the skin while also relaxing aching muscles and joints. Included are:


It may be used topically to treat bruises, sprains, muscular pains, wound healing, joint discomfort, inflammation, and edema, among other things.


Menthol is a naturally occurring chemical with cooling qualities and a pleasant fragrance that is utilized in cosmetics and skincare products. When used topically, it may also help reduce minor discomfort.


Topical CBD may aid in the treatment of skin diseases as well as joint and muscular discomfort.

This is what they have to say about their brand…

‘We want you to think of us as more than just a nice purple logo.’ Like you, we at Medterra have ideas, interests, and ambitions – ours just happen to involve providing high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price.’

‘Medterra offers genuine seed-to-sale purchasing to its consumers. Our industrial hemp is cultivated and extracted in conformity with Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations. To assure uniformity and quality, every product that leaves the factory must be third-party tested.’

‘Despite the fact that hemp cultivation, extraction, and manufacture are relatively new to the United States, our team of specialists and partners has committed their life to industrial agricultural techniques, food-grade chemical extraction, vegetable genetics, quality control, and more.’

‘Through industry initiatives, we seek to dispel the stigma surrounding cannabis growing and educate the public about the effectiveness and long-term viability of this remarkable, naturally occurring chemical,’ said the company.


I spend the most of my time slumped over my laptop, oblivious to my terrible posture, which has resulted in neck and back pain. Medterra has added 4% more menthol for an additional cooling effect; we found it to have a strong aroma, so keep it away from your face. The back of my neck and shoulders felt great and were quite refreshing.

The viscosity was more like a thick gel than a cream, but once massaged in, it sank in beautifully without leaving the sticky residue that pain relief creams can often leave.

Muscle and joint creams are notorious for clinging to the skin and producing rashes or painful places, but since this one contains Arnica and CBD, it’s far less likely to have an unpleasant impact due to their skin-beneficial characteristics.

The cream itself is on the more expensive side of the spectrum, costing £31.99 for 500mg and £49.99 for 1000mg. It is, however, devoid of plasticizers, artificial preservatives, and synthetics, and was chosen America’s #1 CBD cream in 2021, receiving the CBD Personal Care Product of the Year award. 


Medterra is a company that has been making CBD products for years. Medterra Pain Relief Cream is one of the most popular CBD creams on the market today. The cream is available in 1,000mg, 2,500mg and 5,000mg strengths. Reference: medterra pain cream 1,000mg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medterra CBD cream good?

A: Medterra CBD cream is a high-quality product that contains natural ingredients, and has been proven to help with pain relief. It contains organic hemp oil which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as other essential oils such as Lavender which can aid in relaxation.

Does CBD cream work for pain?

A: CBD cream is a topical cream that contains Cannabidiol, which has been legalized for medicinal use in many countries. It can be applied to the skin and rubbed into the area where you are experiencing pain, or taken orally as well.

Is Medterra CBD cream full spectrum?

A: Yes, Medterra CBD cream is a full spectrum product.

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