HempRise, a cannabis company with its roots in the cannabis industry, has announced that it is nearing completion of construction on their new Indiana facility. The project marks the first time an Ohio-based company has built a production facility in the state.



The final touches are being applied to what is billed as the world’s biggest hemp CBD processing factory.

The Indiana site for HempRise is being built at River Ridge, Jeffersonville. A 100,000 square foot extraction plant capable of processing 3.5 million kilos of industrial hemp biomass yearly will be located on the 25-acre dedicated hemp extraction site. The initiative will also generate dozens of jobs in the first year, which will be a boon to the local economy.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extracts, as well as cannabidiol (CBD) isolation, will be produced at the $80 million plant.

Congressman Trey Hollingsworth and other government and trade agency officials visited the facility last week, which is scheduled to be operational in October.

Given the state’s – and country’s – shortage of processing facilities, the start of operations will likely be enthusiastically greeted by Indiana’s hemp growers. It’s one of the problems, along with falling prices, that has stifled the green gold rush in the United States.

Still, there’s plenty of demand for hemp-derived CBD, and its acceptability is only growing.

In June, HempRise said, “The genie is out of the bottle.” “The benefits of CBD and hemp extracts are well known among consumers, voters, and the global corporate community – and HempRise backs every step forward in our mission to bring the best, most efficacious, and revolutionary CBD and hemp extracts to market to benefit people, animals, pets, and the planet.”

Layn Corp., headquartered in China, owns HempRise. Layn, located in Guilin, Guangxi Province, was founded in 1995 with the primary goal of producing plant-based sweeteners and natural tastes. HempRise will take over Layn’s investment in CBD and hemp extract research and manufacturing, as well as supervise production of full spectrum and wide spectrum oils, as well as water soluble CBD.

“We are witnessing increasing demand in novel mixes of different cannabinoids and terpenes at Layn Natural Ingredients and our affiliate HempRise,” the firm stated last year. “We’re also experimenting with synergistic CBD formulations that include other important botanicals.”


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