The strain that is called Ghost OG, is a cross of OG Kush and the strain, Ghost, which is the result of a strain called Ghost Train Haze. The original OG Kush, sativa dominant hybrid was created in California by crossing the original OG Kush with the strain called, The Girl Scout Cookies. The strain, OG Kush, is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a long history of producing high levels of THC.

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I have been growing Cannabis for over ten years, I have been to many medical and recreational MJ events in Maryland, and some events around the country. I know what I need to know, and I am sure you do too. I have been reading through some of the recent blogs I have seen, and I wanted to cut to the chase.

AFS, a Maryland-based medical marijuana processing company, has quickly become one of Your Gentleman’s favorite brands for the beauty and consistency of its shutters. I really liked their Ghost OG that was on sale recently ($80 for 1 gram at various dispensaries). Yes, this price is considered a sale. Sigh) which I accidentally bought twice. Oops. AFS stands for Arizona Facilities Supply, which is very boring. It seems they make inferior paper towels for camp, not a sexy, sexy shard. Yes, I’m sure I was torn between girls and weed during puberty, but there’s nothing to be done about that now, is there? Anyway, I’m sure you noticed the part about Arizona. Nothing gets past you, does it? Yes, AFS has its headquarters and its own medical marijuana dispensary in AZ. I love Arizona. I lived there for a few short, failed months when I was 18. There was a girl who just started dating my new boyfriend Bill, right? And we were all in the front seat of her Impala and driving her to college when they started kissing, and then she reached out and started grabbing my crotch. I was a little stunned, because I was clearly bewildered, and when Bill noticed, he asked her to get out of the car, then drove halfway around the house in deadly silence, threatening to leave me in the desert. True story, friends, and this is just one of four I have in Arizona. At least. My God, what a journey. Oh, it has nothing to do with the review. I just wanted you to know what a prude Bill was. Isn’t that so? And now I feel better. Maybe criticism or something? word-image-18899 Tangi The first thing that caught my attention was AFS Maryland’s Tangie Shater, which was incredibly smooth on inhale and had a nice citrus flavor. Tangie is a pleasant tasting strain that is ideal for mood enhancement and anxiety relief, as well as to clear the mind and give you the ability to concentrate, making it a real plus as a daily remedy. I had so much to do last month, and now I’m happy to catch up. I also bought a half-gram of Shore Shatter for the special price of $50 at Euphoria Wellness in New Market on April 19, which I assume is just a mix of different varieties from the manufacturer, Shore Naturals. The taste is not the same as the Tangie, a little bland, but the purity is still excellent. The effect was an interesting combination of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. My mood is balanced, I feel sharp and authentic, which led me to use it for an important meeting where I couldn’t let my mind wander about what kind of reaction I would get if I arrived at the checkout with a cart full of only towels, lotion and mozzarella sticks. word-image-18900 Coastal current No, that’s what AFS Ghost OG is – fairly neutral in taste, but easy on the lungs, and movies so hilarious in my head that I’m constantly laughing to myself. Well, I tried to yell LET’S GET DRUUUUUNK at a poor employee when he called for the next one, but it was much funnier in my head than out loud, or here, actually, and then I tried to explain the joke, which seems pointless in retrospect, and it turned into an awkward conversation about the weather. Like this. Probably not suitable for public speaking or communicating with new people unless you want to share. Ghost OG definitely does me good, but I definitely don’t have the mental clarity I’ve experienced with other strains, which is typical of the high lime content. The thought comes to me, but fades as I try to chase it, like a free balloon rising higher and higher until it disappears over the horizon. О ! AFS’s Ghost OG closure is also from a Shore-grown flower. word-image-18901 Ghost OG. Yummy! Gentleman is a big fan of AFS Shutterbug and is excited to see what the future holds for the manufacturer’s products, as Maryland medicinal growers are able to produce buds with stronger terpene profiles. You should definitely buy some the next time you go to the pharmacy. If you need a map, click here. And if you want to receive my newsletter (again: you want it), click here. But whatever you do, don’t click here. You’ll regret it!

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Ghost OG Shatter (AFS Maryland) Pack Size: ~1g Flower Weight: ~400-500g Yield: ~200-250g THC Amount: ~.5% CBD Amount: ~2% THCa Amount: ~.2% CBDa Amount: ~.1%. Read more about ghost og strain allbud and let us know what you think.

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