President’s comment that legal cannabis could lead to more people smoking cigarettes is criticized by Republican Congressman on the House floor.

Florida Congressman Blasts President Biden

President Biden

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) dubbed President Joe Biden a “recalcitrant boomer” who is losing a chance to achieve a popular policy reform that he campaigned on in an edition of his “Firebrand” podcast aired on Friday.

His remarks were prompted by a recent research that suggested cannabis may be used as a replacement for prescribed medications. In addition, the research discovered that legalizing adult-use marijuana in certain states is linked to lower prescription medication usage.

“We in Florida stand to gain from large-scale, streamlined research funds to learn more and assist more individuals realize their potential.” “However, the study’s conclusion that recreational cannabis usage is weaning patients off of prescription medicines is difficult to dismiss,” he added. “Unfortunately, even with valid research, factual grounding, and data at hand, there’s this stormy path ahead.” “The cultural stigma of the Baby Boomer period looms large.” – Rep. Matt Gaetz is a member of the House of Representatives (R-FL)

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