We are a High Club, as well as a Club of Clubs. We are the Daily High Club and run the Daily High Club , these clubs are Cannabis Clubs that are for people who love Cannabis and the culture we have grown over the years. Cannabis has brought us together from all over the world and has had a huge impact on the music, art and fashion. We have been a big part of this culture and we want to show the world how we are just like any other club out there.

It’s not easy being a cannabis user. You have to be careful about what strains you buy, and when. Where to buy it? What quantity does one need? How much should you smoke? What about edibles? You need to know all this, and much more. But the good news is, with all the information about cannabis one can find out about, there is no reason to feel lost anymore.

The Daily High Club is a community for adults who are interested in trying Cannabis. We are not affiliated with or in any way affiliated with NORML, but we do encourage members to join NORML and we encourage our members to join NORML.

Okay, so Halloween is over, but there’s no reason to freak out or anything. The weather is still nice, there’s been minimal friendly casualties thus far in the war versus Neegan (how cool is it that the show’s been based just down the street in Northern Virginia the past few seasons?), and DC is blessed with a cornucopia of cannabis thanks to Initiative 71. But we’re not looking at any of those brands today! Nope, we’re gonna do something a wee bit different and review a few El Primo subscription boxes that Daily High Club sent your Gentleman to check out. It’s a Blue Apron sorta deal but contains an assortment of smoking essentials and nifty doodads for marijuana enthusiasts such as moi and presumably, you. Why else are you here? I told Jimmy I’d have his money on Tuesday! Wait- what are you doing with that spatula? No. Wait. NOOOO! Daily High Club’s El Primo box is the highest of their three tiers, costs $30/month, and always comes with a new piece of glass. I’ve compared the three boxes they sent (which comes with a handy list of the items contained) to determine the essentials you can expect, to wit: one lighter, one pack of rolling papers, one pack of tips, one pre-rolled cone, one package of two blunt wraps, and a monthly set of stickers. I feel kinda silly being a professional weed reviewer whose hand-rolled joints look like Baby’s First Papier-Mache, and DHC has given me plenty of materials to destroy as I work to shore up my jay game. word-image-16204 the August box The brands of these essential items changes each month except for the blunt wraps- each box I got contained a different flavor of the nicotine-free, tobacco-free, 100% Canadian hemp Kush (blunt) Wraps. After that, we get into the doodads, and Daily High Club’s selection of such has yielded many helpful items- between all three, I got different hemp wicks to try out, tubes to hold my joints, a glass jar with a little Boveda pack in it, a little plastic mat for a bong, a cigar splitter, a roach clip, a RAW Hydrostone (to keep your flowers fresh), an air freshener (nice!), a plastic weed sack that looks like a tiny exit bag, and a Debowler ashtray. I’ve had a Debowler before and I’m not a fan- it’s an ashtray with a poker built into the middle of it, but the poker is too thick to really get into most spoon pipes and the lightweight plastic basically makes it dangerous to keep outdoors with the wind we get around here- it could easily go flying and put somebody’s eye out! Your mother will be so disappointed. word-image-16205 Weed not included. C’mon, man. The glass is the star of the El Primo, so let’s take a look at the pieces we got. First, the Sucios Grenade Bowl, which is basically a fat-assed spoon pipe. The cool thing about it is that the large chamber holds a lot of smoke. After the first hit, you’ve got a second hit already loaded, cooled, and ready to go. Now, to state the obvious, it looks an awful lot like a grenade, which seems silly, but I’ve decided is actually very cool. Post-apocalypse, it could come in very handy to have a fake grenade when negotiating with Neegans, at least in the dark. And I know I won’t lose it cuz I’ll be smoking weed out of it. Gold star for the forward-thinking stoner/prepper that came up with this. word-image-16206 The Chill Bud 14mm recycler is built more for form than function- the smoke looks gorgeous as it fills the tube, but I don’t seem to be able to get the water to the level where it will bubble without getting some in my mouth. While that Daily High Club piece has sat on the shelf, the Dank Tank has become my new daily driver. Yes, it looks like a tank, which is a bit young for a nearly forty year old guy with gray hair to be playing with. Redesigning it to look like a wild Squirtle would resolve these concerns. DHC’s Dank Tank’s function is fabulous. The wide, flat base fits comfortably in my palm and also keeps me from worrying I’ll knock it over- heck, I can set it down on the couch. Most importantly, the Dank Tank consistently produces smooth, tasty hits. FYI, I find it helps to tilt it forward slightly when using it. word-image-16207 Overall, the usefulness of the Daily High Club boxes exceeded my expectations. DHC’s boxes provide value for new (and returning, hey Grandpa!) marijuana-smoking enthusiasts and patients to build their toolsets or seasoned heads to pick up the odd missing piece from their collection and try out new products. And who couldn’t use fresh glass each month? Less time cleaning, more time smoking. The Gentleman approves.The Daily High Club is a place where people can post daily photos that have cannabis in it. These can be photos of their personal stash, or photos of their grow at work. Photos can be of single flowers, or entire plants.. Read more about philter daily high club and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a daily high club box?

There are many things in life that we look forward to, but when it comes to smoking, we have pretty specific tastes. Most of the time we like to enjoy ourselves, but we aren’t willing to spend a large investment, so we typically choose relatively inexpensive products. Today, we’re discussing our most affordable delivery option and how it relates to the cost of legal weed in Canada.

What is the daily high club?

The Daily High Club exists to encourage conversation about cannabis culture, with a focus on advocating for responsible consumption. The club’s mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis and to increase its acceptance, while bringing together like-minded people to share ideas and information. The daily high club is a phrase used by cannabis enthusiasts to refer to the regular high a person gets over a period of time and/or regularly consumes cannabis. Many users will have an idea of how they want to consume their cannabis in order to achieve it, such as through wax, budder, and oil. However, every user will achieve a different daily high, depending on their tolerance level, the type of cannabis they smoke/vape, and the frequency with which they consume it.

Does daily high club ship to illegal States?

(PST) I recently got a new vape pen called the “Daily High Club” and it has been a great treat for me. I have been learning a few tricks to keep myself from getting as hooked as I do to my beloved kief. Medical Marijuana is federally illegal, but the laws in most states do not reflect this. As a result, many medical marijuana patients find themselves facing charges of possession or distribution of a controlled substance, even though they are using a legal product. MMC, a South Florida-based company that ships cannabis products for those in legal states, has had problems with its main shipping partner and is now promoting its cannabis products for delivery to customers in states where medical or recreational marijuana are legal.

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