As you might guess, the name Big Bud refers to the fact that this is a big, strong strain. It is another hybrid, but one that leans on the indica side of the spectrum. The aroma is described as spicy and sweet, and the taste is said to be spicy as well. Big Bud is a high producer, and is said to be ideal for growing outdoors, rather than indoors. Growers of all experience levels have been known to cultivate this strain with good results.

When you hear the words “Big Bud,” you probably think of the 90s rap crew. But for the weed connoisseurs at Green Label , the Big Bud refers to a strain of marijuana that has a big, long-lasting effect. It’s also a strain that is hard to come by—at least at a reasonable price—as it’s a popular choice among growers. So what’s the big deal? The Big Bud is a sativa-dominant hybrid, so it will give you a clear-headed cerebral high that won’t make you want to take a nap. It’s not as potent as other sativas, so it’s a good choice for people new to marijuana.

The Green Label DC Big Bud is a beautiful indica-dominant hybrid with a taste that tastes like subtle blackberry. This strain tastes and smells that way because of its parent strains, Big Bud and Green Label. The Green Label DC Big Bud is a great strain for relaxing at the end of the day.

We’re a little over four hours away from the government shutdown, but the Lord is right, and he continues to diligently seek out new herbal distribution services like Green Label DC to fulfill the wishes of my cruel and prescient dolphin mentors. By Neptune, we have made a good catch today, my friends! word-image-4107 VISIT THE GREEN LABEL! Pickup only (DC) Hours : Mon/Fri/Sat 10am-8pm Sun 10am-2pm Tues/Wed closed Shop: Shredder and vape batteries



The dating feature on their website is intuitive and simple (and will certainly give me an extra helping of oxygen to spend on mermaids), but it’s the trichomes of this Big Bud flower that grab my attention like a cartoon coyote. Since they also list their gift menu, I could quickly see that they still had a few items in stock. Well, now you have a decision to make. Read the rest of my review or order now and come back for my stories of hilarity? I’ll tell you what. Look at this picture I took, and I’ll wait here until you’re gone. How rude! word-image-10282 Back already? That’s great. As you just read on their website, Green Label Grinders sells its own custom coffee grinders, and all you have to do is choose a batch of them, along with a gift of a flower or a vape cartridge (listed on the menu). If you need more than one kind, there are Grinder #2 and #3 drop-down lists for that! Big Bud is a fairly well-known Indica. You may have first heard of him in that stupid game about growing marijuana that I think wastes the precious time of people on this planet. My God, a nation of digital peasants fucking sex robots. Why not give all our money to China? It’s okay, GT. You can’t save the world on your own, because most people are dumber than two bricks. Have another cup of Big Bud and calm down.


That’s it. Big Bud is known for its high yields, which has allowed it to participate in many breeding projects over the years. Maybe you’ve heard of Ken Estes’ Grandpa Purpe? Or the Incredible Bulk (Big Bud x Super Skunk x Green Spirit) I just reviewed, grown by Real Deal Farmz? But I didn’t know how trichological it would be. Ay caramba, Bartman! And it’s not all smoke and mirrors – Big Bud from Green Label DC has a lovely woody aroma lurking behind those diamonds and it’s a wonderfully mellow smoke. The buds are large, with a surprisingly light and airy texture. And because they are grown here, thanks to I71, they are of course super-duper fresh. word-image-10283 EFFECTS Now that I think about it, I realize it’s similar to Grandaddy Purp. I find it rather relaxing, with a big headache to help me fight the mental screams of a tortured planet on the brink of Armageddon that I can do nothing about, except stock up on ammo, and by ammo I mean marijuana, and enjoy The Awesomes, which is actually pretty hilarious once you get past the pilot. I gotta stop canceling shows in the middle of the pilot, man. Anyway, Big Bud looks like him, but he’s even less sleepy. I am in a good mood, my mind is calm and I can still think clearly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for daytime use, which is a fantastic discovery for an indica. Sativa doesn’t always hold up well to my anxiety, and some people find it causes paranoia, so Big Bud from Green Label Grinders would be a great option for them. Check-up day means I’m done smoking, yay!


I assume you’ve already ordered them, and will soon be able to discover the delicious flowers of Green Label Grinders for yourself! If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Here and now! The Lord is a big fan, and I’m sure you will be too. If not, I know that in your infinite wisdom, my life was given in exchange for a tuna that sustains you and thus fulfills my life….. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Porpoise. Snort! I invite you to subscribe to my electronic newsletter, which deals with tuna and various topics related to tuna. Oh, you’re interested? Good. Sign here, please.

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word-image-10284 PUBLISHED!At ReachWeed, we understand that not everyone is the same, and that people like different things. We believe that everyone has the right to access cannabis in a way that fits their lifestyle. That’s why we offer a wide variety of strains, edibles, and topicals. For many, cannabis is about more than just getting high; it’s a lifestyle choice. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer not only the widest variety of weed varieties in the area, but also the widest variety of products.. Read more about dc brand cartridges and let us know what you think.

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